Owners and Professional Guides

Carol Reinholdt, 

Certified Tour Manager

Member of CTGA


Carol has more than 35 years experience as a tour manager and local guide, primarily in Scandinavia and Canada She is known for always giving her customers an experience which goes beyond their expectations. Her style of working has been described as energetic, entertaining, and real world oriented with a highly usable eye-opening content.

Passions: Architecture, Emigration History, Life in Canada

Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, and some Norwegian.


Johnny Reinholdt, CHE, 

Member of CTGA


Johnny has more than 20 years experience in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. From Destination guide and Bellboy to Resident Manager, from Travel Agent to Conference Planner. Educated at the universities in Strassbourg and New York and has worked and trained in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Africa, Italy, USA, and Canada.

Passion: Historical Edutainment, Off the Beaten Track, Food & Beverage

Languages: English, Danish, and some Swedish, and Norwegian